BOOST – THC EDIBLES-Cherry🍒 300mg

BOOST – THC EDIBLES-Cherry🍒 300mg





15 Edible Gummies in Each Tin.

🍒 Cherry  THC Gummies are the tastiest, juiciest, naturally flavoured Edible gummies that are made with care and with the best ingredients to deliver an excellent, consistent dosage in every bite.

Each gummy contains 10mg of THC (Hybrid). Each pack comes with 10 delicious gummies in a tin, made for convenience and discreetness.

Ingredients: Ascorbic Acid, Citric acid, colour, gelatine, glucose syrup, MCT oil, sugar, THC (Hybrid) distillate.

Each gummy contains 20mg of THC (Hybrid).


Euphoria | Relaxation | Sleepy

Recommended Storage: 

As we do not use any additive, the gummies may soften when exposed to temperatures over 38-degree Celcius. Suggested to keep them refrigerated.

Important : Store it in cool and dry place once you receive it.



FREE DELIVERY OVER $98          

THC Dosage

150mg (10mg/Gummy), 300mg (20mg/Gummy), 2x300mg (10% OFF), 2x150mg (10% OFF), 3x150mg (15% OFF), 3x300mg (15% OFF)

12 reviews for BOOST – THC EDIBLES-Cherry🍒 300mg

  1. jacob ethen

    Shipping was fast!

  2. oliver benjamin

    a great experience came over me like a whirlwind

  3. lucas liam

    Although the boost edibles is powerful, the ingredients produce a relaxing, but unpredictable sensations

  4. noah jacson

    psychedelics are always best in comfortable, controlled environments.

  5. sebastian declan

    People without previous experiences in LSD could easily eat half of these gummies for euphoric results.

  6. samuel asher

    Relaxing, but ungrammatical sensations too

  7. emmet luke

    Nice quality 🤘 me and some friends had blast

  8. elijah adam

    Very fast shipping got here in 2 days good packaging I hope I can write a second review when I try them out

  9. myles carter

    Legit stuff felt like I was on another planet

  10. henry isaac

    These where great very intricate visuals I took two gummies and felt amazing a very smooth clean trip I was laughing had a great time definitely would recommend

  11. carter felix

    A euphoric and gentle experience.

  12. isaac colton

    For me, I noticed how sounds were exaggerated, but there were some visuals too.

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