Budder [Kootenay Labs]

Budder [Kootenay Labs]



1 gram

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Fresh out of the lab!

1 gram of Premium Budder for $20

TakiTaki is proud to be among the first to carry Kootenay Labs’ new range of potent, dab-friendly budders. Crafted with care to preserve the unique qualities of each strain, these extracts are faithful representations of their original flowers.

Check out our lineup of other high-quality concentrates from Kootenay Labs – snappy shatters, terpy live resins, and affordable cherry oils!

Experience Kootenay: We’re different from other cannabis companies.

We believe that medicine can be fun and that candy doesn’t have to be bad for you. We believe that through research and rigorous testing (getting high) we can finely tune the individual experience of life by making colours brighter, pain duller, and laughs harder.


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Cherry Pie, Gorilla Apple, LA Wedding Pop, Lemon Haze, Mint Choc Chip, Nut Butter, Punch Breath, Purple Punch, Sonic Cherry, Summer Budder, Sweet Jaeger, Tangerine Dream, The Bee's Knees, The Day After, Watermelon, Wedding Crasher, Mint Chocolate Chip/Widow Cheese, Sugar Shack, Sour Cookies/Jet Fuel OG, Wedding Crasher Trainwreck, Apricot Bubba Kush, Blue Magoo Cookies/Holy Grail, Amnesia Haze, Sophie's Breath, Watermelon Kush OG, Sour Diesel/Mint Chocolate Chip, Diesel Cookies, Phoenix Bubba Kush, Banana Butter, Island Punch, Diesel Cookies/Mimosa, Gorilla Hammer, Blue Dream, Candy Land, Sour Tangie, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Do Si Dos, Mandalorian, Purple Trainwreck, Snowball, Watermelon Cookies, Jet Fuel Gelato, Orange Kush Cake, Sugar Cane, Tropicana Cookies, Troporaurus, Banana Punch, Gas Daddy, Snow Storm, Strawberry Jam


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