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BUDDHA’s THC and CBD oil paired with the Green Tank M7 disposable pen create a safe and easy-to-use product for those looking for a convenient smoke.


BUDDHA CBD Disposable Pens contain 90% Full Spectrum and 10% Therapeutic Terpenes to make the experience as smooth and refreshing as possible.


BUDDHA 1:1 Disposable Pens contain 45% THC, 45% Full Spectrum CBD, and 10% Therapeutic Terpenes, to maximize your vaping experience.


The Charlotte’s Web Disposable Pen contains a Charlotte’s Web Terpene as well as Myrcene offering the following health benefits:

· Anti-inflammatory

· Pain Relief

· Antibiotic

· Sedative

BUDDHA Disposable pens come in Gold for the ultimate in discretion.

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Additional information


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