Chocolope 7G

Chocolope 7G



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Chocolope has long, fluffy buds that take an almost cylindrical shape, unlike the nugget-like buds of more indica varieties. Leaves are dark green and relatively loosely-packed; although they can be very sticky, they’re typically easier to break up than pure indica strains and may or may not require a grinder. Pistils tend to be a vivid orange. The cured buds have a particularly dank, earthy smell with some sweetness. When buds are broken up and combusted, this earthy scent is somewhat more intense. The smoke from this strain hits smoothly on the inhale, it bears more resemblance to parent strain Cannalope Haze and tastes mostly fruity with some hints of chocolate. Cocoa and coffee notes are more evident as smoke is exhaled.

5 reviews for Chocolope 7G

  1. Luca

    A good clear minded, uplifting feeling but very calming also. A wee energy buzz chucked in there aswell which helped my fatigue. The taste was very pleasant. What I experienced was a nice creamy Deisel type taste with hashish notes to begin with and very slight citrus notes on the exhale

  2. Michael

    Great taste and smell. Cured perfectly. Would highly recommend.

  3. Robyn S

    My favorite strain I’ve tried, it really relaxes instantly and a good replacement for trying to sleep at night, will be ordering again! Excellent service with top quality nugs

  4. Robert

    First time trying CBD flower and WOW.

  5. John

    Great strain with an actual chocolate after taste. Ideal for night time to chill before hitting the sack. A bit humid when received but nothing serious and easy to sort out. I’ll order it again

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