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Unicorn Hunter Shatter – Premium Black Label (1 Gram)

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Mary’s THC Tinctures – 1500mg

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House Budder – 1 Gram


What is Budder? Also known as budder wax, Budder is a type of THC-rich cannabis concentrate. It shouldn’t be confused with cannabinoid-infused butter (aka cannabutter), which is used for making edibles and other delicacies. Budder is amber/yellowish and closely resembles regular butter in texture. This creamy consistency is achieved through a pretty complicated process that we’ll be covering a bit later down the road. Advances in concentrate extraction made it possible that certain waxes retain a high-terpene profile while preserving great levels of THC at the same time. As a result, this batch of budder is graded at around 70-80% THC, which is also extremely flavorful because they have a ton of terpenes in it.

How to use Budder? Budders are best consumed by either using it in smoke accessories like a Dab-Bong, eDab-Rig, or vaporizers. Cannabis concentrates like budders require a high temperature of 450 degrees F to fully activated all its cannabis compounds and deliver the best effects to the user.

May Relieve: Depression | Anxiety | Fatigue | Pain | Stress | Insomnia

Suggested time to use: Day or early evening, not known to aid sleep.

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Death Bubba (Indica Dominant Hybrid), Blue Dream (Sativa Dominant Hybrid), Platinum Cookies (Hybrid), Northern Lights (Indica Dominant Hybrid), Lemon Skunk (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)

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