Kind Lab | Honey Oil | 800MG

Kind Lab | Honey Oil | 800MG




Kind Lab THC Honey Oil offers 80 – 90% THC. State-of-the-art cold extraction is used to get this pure and extremely potent extract without the fat and lipids. The result is a versatile distillate that packs a strong punch. Usage:

  • Oral:

Place 1-2 drops under your tongue or add it to your favourite food.

  • Vape:

Add a few drops to your vape tank. If you want the full flavour of the distillate, use a ceramic coil instead of a cotton coil. A cotton coil will alter the taste slightly. The potency will be the same though.

  • Dab:

Take out your favourite dabbing unit. Add a small amount to the rig or nail to vaporize the distillate.

  • With a Joint:

Put some on your rolling paper and smoke as usual. Keep away from children and pets. Don’t drive or operate machinery while partaking.


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