Uses: Made in Beautiful British Columbia, Organa’s CBD Infused Paw Balm is formulated perfectly for irritated paws and skin, swelling, arthritis, and much more! With CBD to help combat inflammation and irritation, our Paw Balm starts working within minutes to relieve your pets’ worst pain. Formulated with all organic ingredients to rapidly resolve nose burn, hot spots, or any form of irritation!


Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Beeswax, CBD Hemp Oil, Vitamin E Oil.


Amount: 80mg CBD/1.15oz per container

Apply directly to pets paws and massage in.



1 Pack, 2 Packs (10% OFF), 3 Packs (15% OFF)

5 reviews for ORGANA CBD INFUSED PAW BALM 80mg (1.15Oz)

  1. Joseph Ivy

    Great for those dog paws after a walk on the ice, snow & forest floor.

  2. John Eleanor

    I have a dog with terrible skin problems from allergies, so far I’m happy. The balm is helping when my pup has a flair up and starts itching. Its so easy to use.

  3. Edouard Romy

    We love to take our dog Rookie on long walks and hikes, his paws crack and also get itchy from his allergies. I used your balm CBD balm and it was a noticeable difference within a few days. His itching decreased right away and the balm moisturizes the paw pads really well. I love the applicator, so easy to use!

  4. Levi Mya

    The CBD Balm worked great, helped soothe my dog, and relieved him from dry, cracked paws.

  5. Matteo Juliette

    My dog gets allergies from time to time and will lick his paws or scratch his ears excessively. This balm helped soothe his irritation noticeably, very happy with this product!

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