Refill Cartridges [Oro]

Refill Cartridges [Oro]



0.5 gram of Honey Oil for $20
1 gram of Honey Oil for $50

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Oro Refill Cartridges

0.5 gram of Honey Oil for $20

1 gram of Honey Oil for $50

Oro Refill Cartridges contain Oro’s full-spectrum honey oil derived from our pesticide-free, outdoor-grown plants in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia. A single strain makes up each large batches, resulting in a perfect consistency in every dose.

Honey Oil is filtered and winterized to remove both chlorophyll and waxes in addition to other plant materials. It is a concentrated liquid form of marijuana made by stripping THC from quality buds. Think of it as “weed honey.” It’s not always yellow, and it tastes nothing like sugar, but it’s as sticky as honey and just as fun to use. Smoking oils are non-decarboxylated cannabis extracts and are most effective when immediate absorption is needed.

Our sun-grown plants enjoy a life that a cannabis plant should, consuming glacial waters, fresh air, natural negative ions and real sunlight. We also use all the buds from the very top to the bottom, which means AAAA top nugs down to the smalls. Through this method, a very clean, potent burn reflects an exceptional product, and it’s unique terpene profile.

We’re proud of what we do and excited to offer this exceptional product to patients and cannabis lovers in our proprietary vape pens and tanks.

• Single source, one plant strain

• Full terpene profile left intact

• Sun grown

Distillate vs. Full-Spectrum Oil

Unlike distillate, Oro Honey Oil has a fully intact terpene profile, which dramatically influences flavour and effect.

Distillate is a popular concentrate to make among producers because it uses up the trim and lower grade products from grows; various strains and grades can be mixed into a single batch of distillate.

The result of mixed batch distillates is a product stripped down to a base, no longer having a terpene profile. It then requires added terpenes for flavour, smell and character. This step is often done with ‘food grade’ terpenes that aren’t even derived from cannabis, attempting to mimic popular strains.

Unlike distillate, Oro Honey Oil has all of those naturally occurring characteristics. Displayed in the flavour is the deep terpene profile present in each plant. It’s pure, golden oil from a single strain. Huge natural outdoor plants turned into a vibrant, potent oil.

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