Taki Taki – CBD Distillate Syringe – 1000mg

Taki Taki – CBD Distillate Syringe – 1000mg




Product Description

Available in a GLASS Syringe


  • The plant matter, pesticides or other impurities are removed.
  • The aroma can be subtle, so you can use the distillate privately.
  • It offers an immediate and powerful effect.
  • If lit, the smoke is clean and smooth.
  • Great for medical users. You’ll only need a few drops of this distillate to get the desired effect that you’d get smoking bud 15 times.







Oral: Place 1-2 drops under your tongue or add it to your favourite food.

Vape: Add a few drops to your vape tank. If you want the full flavour of the distillate, use a ceramic coil instead of a cotton coil. A cotton coil will alter the taste slightly. The potency will be the same though.

Dab: Take out your favourite dabbing unit. Add a small amount to the rig or nail to vapourize the distillate.

With a Joint: Put some on your rolling paper and smoke as usual.

Keep away from children and pets. Don’t drive or operate machinery while partaking.

Please warm up the product before you use via Hot water or etc..

Product is pure so needs warning up to come out.


❌☠️Disclaimer : ❌☠️This product is very STRONG, please use responsible and DO NOT OPERATE heavy machinery or driving while using edibles.

❌☠️Edibles take 30min to 1 hr to see effect so start in very small dosage and increase responsibly.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Taki Taki – CBD Distillate Syringe – 1000mg

  1. Tyler Gabrielle

    This is a fantastic product and I will be reordering this week.

  2. Jordan Lucy

    I placed my first order on Christmas morning and was very happy with both the timeliness of processing/shipping AND the user-friendliness of the process (I received my order less than a week later). 10/10 recommend and I will definitely be buying again.

  3. Max Hazel

    It’s not as easy as you’d link anymore to find pure CBD distillate with zero THC (and I need it, both for my cottage cannabakery business as well as for personal consumption), so to find it so affordable and easy to access is really, really nice. Highly recommend!

  4. Parker Ruby

    Excellent customer service and very fast delivery!

  5. Chase Payton

    Definitely cbd oil by the taste. Having trouble liquefying it back to its original state though. Very fast shipping and price is more than reasonable. Amazing business going with options to fit everyone’s preferences on delta 8 and cbd.

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