LSO Triangle Kush #13

LSO Triangle Kush #13



THC: 23-25%

28 grams for $125

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You read it correctly! $125 for 28 grams of cannabis!

[ $4.46 / gram ]

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Notes from Taki Taki: Looking for a fantastic, flavourful bud with parents from one of the most famous buds ever grown? Then you should check out Triangle Kush #13. It is grown in Florida and is a direct descendent of the classic OG Kush. It begins with a tantalizing aroma of spice, lemon, earth, and fuel, followed by similar flavours when inhaled, and a lovely woody aftertaste on the finish. When chopped, rolled, and smoked, Triangle Kush #13 burns evenly to cloud-like white and grey ash.

Not only does this bud have great flavours, but since it comes from an OG Kush, it boasts incredible effects, as well. Triangle Kush #13 delivers an initial rush of energy, euphoria, and focus, followed by a heaviness behind the eyes, and finishing with a beautiful body-stone that washes over like a wave. Kush buds go well with any situation but are best enjoyed with friends. With a sky-high potency and killer effects, this is a great bud to have in your collection.

Aromatics: Earthy, Fuel, Lemon, Sweet

Effects: Body High, Cerebral, Uplifting, Relaxing

Medical: Chronic Pain, Eye Pressure, Fatigue

TakiTaki takes pride in quality control!

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