All West Coast Extract Cartridges are made with 95% THC Distillate & 5% Terpene blend. Each cart is 1 full Gram of liquid gold, with no unnecessary additives.

5 reviews for WESTCOAST EXTRACTS – THC Distillate – 1000MG

  1. Victor Maeva

    A little background. I have intense waves of nausea and headaches at random throughout the day. This product not only completely relieves me of the pain but lasts 6 hours and gives me back my ability to be active and eat! This product saved my life. Thank you guys so much!!

  2. Zack Camille

    Awesome product! I don’t sleep at all on my own and have rhinitis and allergies in which I have to make my own everything! This product has absolutely made big changes in my life and saves me money!

  3. Cameron Livia

    Stock in my store and will continue too. AMAZING Products People how did we miss this gem till now! I said for a long time the cannabis industry will evolve to what is was supposed to, you go in and buy the cannabinoid you choose and use each one accordingly to your own personal requirements. These people here are the pioneers 👏 👏 👏

  4. Marcus Alexandra

    awesome work! make sure to read the directions on the card

  5. Gavin Penelope

    Great new product… 🔥 fire…..

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